Pet Storage

The MyPet storage is way to have more than one MyPet.

This doesn't mean you can have more than one pet active at a time but to store any pets you don't want active at the moment.

What uses the storage?

  • The pet shop

  • the /petstore and /petswitch commands

  • The mypet-storage-Citizens trait of MyPet-NPC

  • all pets obtained by other sources than taming them

How can I limit the amount of pets a player can store?

The amount of pets a player can store is limited by the following permission:

  • MyPet.petstorage.limit.X

    • X needs to be replaced by the amount of pets a player should be able to store.

    • X needs to be smaller or equal than the MyPet.Max-Stored-Pet-Count in the config.

What is the Max-Stored-Pet-Count config setting for?

Because the server needs to check a lot of permissions in order to check if the player is allowed to store more than his currently stored pets, this config setting jumps in and limits these checks.

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