• Chatcommands

    • <option> -> required!

    • [option] -> optional

      Most commands have aliases like /pi. Use them instead the long version.

You can also go through the command options by using the autocompletion with the[TAB]-key.

MyPet Commands


  • shows all available MyPet commands.


  • Syntax: /petinfo [username]

  • shows the following info about your or another player's pet.

    • hitpoints

    • experience

    • damage

    • owner (only when pets isn't yours)

    • skilltree

  • alias:

    • /pinfo


  • Syntax:

    • /petname <new-pet-name>

  • sets the name of your pet.

  • owners can use colors to make the name of their pets more colorfull with this placeholder:

    • <black>, <darkaqua>, <darkblue>, <darkgreen>, <darkred>, <darkpurple>, <gold>, <gray>, <darkgray>, <blue>, <green>, <aqua>, <red>, <lightpurple>, <yellow>, <white>, <magic>, <bold>, <strikethrough>, <underline>, <italic>, <reset>


  • Syntax: /petrelease [pet-name]

  • release your pet so you don't have a pet anymore


  • teleports your pet to you.

  • alias:

    • /pc

    • /petc


  • sends your pet away.

  • it can be still called by using the /petcall command

  • alias:

    • /psa

    • /petsa


  • Syntax: /petrespawn [payorshoworauto]

  • shows the following info about your or another player's pet.

    • auto with an addition parameter (Integer) determines what the maximum time is the player want to pay for

    • Example: A player used /petrespawn auto 10 and the pet dies and has a respawn time of 16 seconds. Now the plugin will wait until the respawntime is 10 seconds and then respawn the pet when the owner can pay the respawn fee.

  • alias:

    • /petr

    • /pr


  • allows you to switch between pets.

  • alias:

    • /pswitch


  • allows you to store your active pet

  • stored pets can be retrieved by the /petswitch command

  • alias:

    • /pstore

    • /pst


  • Syntax: /pettrade [acceptorrejectorcancelora <player name>] <price>

  • offers your current pet to another player.

    • <price> can be any economy price

  • alias:

    • /pett

    • /pt


  • Syntax: /petshop [shopname]

  • opens a GUI that shows the available pet shops

  • alias:

    • /petsh

    • /psh


  • Syntax: /petskill [playername]

  • shows info about the skills of your pet.

  • as an admin this command you can also shows info about other player's pets


  • Syntax: /petadmin <option> [parameters...]

  • You need the MyPet.admin permission to use this command!

  • options:

    • name

      • set the name of a pet for a specific player

      • parameters:

        • <ownername>

        • <new petname>

    • exp

      • set the exp of a pet for a specific player

      • parameters:

        • <ownername>

        • <new exp of the pet>

        • [add/set/remove]

    • respawn

      • set/displays the respawnt time of a pet for a specific player

      • will only change the respawn time for dead pets

      • parameters:

        • <ownername>

        • [new respawntime] or [show]

    • reload

      • reloads the selected config file

      • parameters:

        • all

        • config

        • skilltrees

    • skilltree

      • changes the skilltree of a pet

      • parameters:

        • <pet ownername>

        • <skilltree>

    • build

      • shows the MyPet version and build number

    • create

      • creates a new pet for a specific player

      • not usable when player has an active pet

      • use -f to create a new pet even if the player has a pet already

      • parameters:

        • [-f]

        • <ownername>

        • <pettype>

        • [parameter]

      • Use the TAB-key to see all possible paramerters for the selected pettype

    • clone

      • clones a pet from a player and gives it to another player

      • parameters:

        • <pet ownername>

        • <new pet ownername>

    • remove

      • deletes a pet of a specific player

      • parameters:

        • <ownername>

    • cleanup

      • deletes unused pets older than a certain amount of time

      • if no parameter is given all pets which aren't used after the upgrade to MyPet 1.1.3

      • parameters (example):

        • [1Y] [1D] [1H] [1M]

    • ticket

      • creates a ZIP file that contains all the info the developers need when you ask something on GitHub


  • orders your pet to stop attacking his target

  • useless in farm and aggressive behavior modes

  • alias:

    • /ps

    • /pets


  • shows all available skilltrees and lets you selects a skilltree for your pet

  • alias:

    • /pcst

    • /petcst


  • enables/disables the CaptureHelper

  • alias:

    • /pch


  • Syntax: /petoptions <option> [parameters...]

  • options:

    • healthbar

      • toggles actionbar healthbar on/off

    • idle-volume

      • set the volume of the idle sound pets make

      • parameters:

        • <percent>

Skill Commands


  • Syntax: /petinventory [playername]

  • opens the inventory of your pet

  • opening the inventory of another player requires the MyPet.admin permission

  • alias:

    • /pi

    • /peti


  • toggles pickup of your pet on/off

  • $ requires Inventory with at least one row of slots $

  • alias:

    • /pp

    • /petp


  • Syntax: /petbehavior [mode]

  • toggles the behavior your pet

  • modes:

    • friendly -> the pet will not fight even when it's attacked by anything

      • friend

    • normal -> the pet will act like a normal wolf

    • aggressive -> attacks automaticly everythink within 15 blocks of the owner

      • aggro

    • farm -> attacks automaticly every Monster within 15 blocks of the owner

    • raid -> like normal but the pet will not attack players and their minions (wolves, ocelot, pets)

    • duel -> pets will attack other pets with active duel behavior within a 5 block radius

  • alias:

    • /pb

    • /petb


  • opens the beacon window of your pet

  • alias:

    • /pbeacon

    • /petbeacon