As well as player, pets can also gain experience and level up. In each level they can get special abilities like Backpack.

There are two different ways the experience is converted into levels, etc at the moment.


Default is the default way the experience part is calculated. When MyPet.LevelSystem.CalculationMode is set to default all pets will level up like normal players would level up like in Minecraft Pre-Snapshot 12w23a.

This is the advanced way where you can create your own level behavior. When MyPet.LevelSystem.CalculationMode is set to JS or JavaScript the plugin uses the exp.js in the MyPet-folder to calculate the required experience to levelup. In order to use this feature the plugin needs the rhino.jar inside the MyPet folder.

You can find an example here and a further discription here. If you have any questions related to this topic please send me a message on Discord in the help channel.

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