World Groups

To allows server owners to manage the worlds where players have the same pet, MyPet uses World-groups to combine different worlds together (or split them up). These groups are managed in the worldgroups.yml file.

Changes made to the worldgroups.yml file will require a complete server restart. The reload command will not enforce these changes.

How does it work?

Every world is in a World-group and every player can have one active pet per World-group, so players can have multiple pets on one server. The pet will switch automatically when the player changes the world and enters another World-group.

How can I disable pets in certain worlds?

Put the world(s) into a new world-group (you can all the group whatever you want, for example nopets). Then remove (or don't add) the leash permissions form these worlds. Now no new pets can be created an no pets can enter this world.


The plugin will create the default World-group configuration file and adds every available world to the default World-group.


Every world has to be in a World-group. You can create as many World-groups as you want as long as every world is in just one World-group.

Example configuration: With this configuration every player can have one pet in the normal worlds and one in the nether worlds

  - normal
  - 2ndWorld
  - normal_nether
  - 2ndWorld_nether

Disable Worlds

You can also disable world where MyPet will not be active. This world cannot be in a world group.The config is also in the worldgroups.yml:

- example_world

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