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Citizens NPC

A simple addon for MyPet that adds a trait to Citizens that allows pet-owners to store their pets.
Every WorldGroup has it's own storage so you can not transfer pets between WorldGroups.
The Citizens traits are called:
  • mypet-storage -> MyPet Storage
  • mypet-wallet -> Economy addon for the mypet-storage trait
  • mypet-shop -> Pet shop



For all NPC commands you need to select a Citizens NPC before!
  • /petadmin npc wallet [Private/Owner/Bank/None]
    • sets the account where the money will be transfered to
      • Owner and Bank need a name as a 2nd parameter
  • /petadmin npc shop <shop name>
    • set the shop that will be opened by the selected NPC


The MyPet.petstorage.limit.<limit> permission is shared with by /petstore command and the storage/shop trait.
- MyPet.petstorage.limit.<limit>