MyPet 3.0

You can find an update guide here:

pageUpdate to 3.0

Breaking changes

Skilltree format

  • MyPet now uses the JSON format for all skilltree files

  • A new and better editor is also included (doubleclick the jar file)

    • after selecting the skilltree folder (of your choice) it will open a new tab in your default webbrowser

  • The skilltree system got completely rewritten so old skilltrees can not be loaded with the new version

    • If you never changed the skilltrees you don't have to do anything

    • You can convert your old skilltrees with the new SkilltreeCreator

      1. open the new SkilltreeCreator

      2. select the folder you want to save your new skilltrees in

      3. open the menu on the top left hand corner

      4. select Import Legacy Skilltree

      5. follow the 3 steps of the wizard

      6. hit the save button

      7. upload the new .st.json files to the skilltree folder on your server

Other changes

  • Fixed Ender Dragon interactions

  • improved EXP calculation system

    • JS files just need the getExpByLevel(level, info) function now

      • you don't have to do anything if you use a exp.js file

  • pets can level down if they die (can be enabled via the Allow-Level-Drowngrade setting)

  • some other longstanding bugs got fixed

Overhaul of the LeashFlag system

  • they work like before but there are more and some of them can be configured

  • also there are flags that require other plugins

  • New flags:

    • World flag

      • World:<world name>:...

      • Examples:

        • World:default

        • World:default:nether

    • Size flag

      • works only for slimes and magma cubes

      • Size:min=<min size>:max=<max size>

        • min is an optional parameter

        • max is an optional parameter

      • Size:<exact size>

      • Examples:

        • Size:min=2

        • Size:min=2:max=4

        • Size:max=2

        • Size:3

    • BelowHP flag

      • checks if a mob is below a certain health threshold

      • BelowHP:<health>[%]

        • % is optional

      • Examples:

        • BelowHP:2

        • BelowHP:2.5

        • BelowHP:10%

    • Chance flag

      • with this flag you can add a random factor to the leashing

      • Chance:<chance>

        • <chance> is the chance in percent (%)

      • Examples:

        • Chance:2

        • Chance:50

    • mcMMO flag

      • checks if a player has a skill above a certain level

      • mcMMO:<job>=<level>:...

      • if multiple jobs are specified all requirements must be fulfilled

      • Examples:

        • mcMMO:Mining=10

        • mcMMO:Mining=2:Taming=25

    • MythicMobs flag

      • checks if a mob is from a specific MythicMob type

      • MythicMobs:<type name>:...

      • Examples:

        • MythicMobs:SkeletalKnight

        • MythicMobs:StaticallyChargedSheep:SkeletonKing

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