Update to 3.0

This page describes what you need to do in order to upgrade to MyPet 3.0

Step 1 - Put the new JAR file in place

If you are running MyPet-NPC too you can delete that now as it is included into MyPet itself.

Step 2 - Convert the skilltrees

If you never touched the skilltrees you can skip this step!

If you made your own skilltrees or edited the default ones you need to convert them to the new format using the following steps:

  1. open up the new SkilltreeCreator

  2. select the folder you want to save your new skilltrees in

  3. your browser will open and you will see the new Skilltree Creator

  4. open the menu on the top left hand corner

  5. select Import Legacy Skilltree

  6. follow the 3 steps of the wizard

  7. hit the save button

  8. upload the new .st.json files to the skilltrees folder on your server

Step 3 - Adjust your config files

MyPet doesn't support numeric item IDs anymore. All settings that requires an config item will require the 1.13 item ID even if you don't run a 1.13 server

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