Is MyPet EULA compliant?

MyPet was not designed with the EULA in mind but with some changes to the configuration, MyPet should be EULA compliant. This depends mainly on the MyPet features you want to use on your server.

In this article players that paid for anything on a server with real money are referred as Donators.

What do I have to change?

  1. You can not have skilltrees that are available just for donators or players that paid for a pet. That means that every skilltree must be available for everyone at the same point.

  2. Disable special abilities of the pets like cows giving milk or sheep shearing. Just go throuh the pet-config.yml and disable them all.

  3. All base stats must be the same for all pets or at least not higher than pets that are freely available.

  4. Custom EXP scripts must treat everyone (donators and non donatos) equal


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