SkilltreeCreator - Tool

The SkilltreeCreator is a tool with which you can create skilltrees for pet quickly, easily and without experience.

The SkilltreeCreator is built into the plugin and doesn't has to be downloaded separately. Simply doubleclick the MyPet.jar and a folder selection opens. Select the folder where your skilltrees are located and when you selected a folder a browser window will open. All changes made on this page will be saved to the skilltree files when you hit the Save-Button. Most parts of the SkilltreeCreator should be self-explaining.

Attention! You have to use the save button at the top of the page to save the skilltrees. Don't close the window/tab if you have unsaved changes. They will be lost if you do so. If you closed the window/tab by accident you can reopen it via the icon in the tray menu.

Skilltree List

In the skilltree list/overview you can create and delete skilltrees and change the order of them. You also have access to the menu where you can switch between languages (only english and german for now) and import (legacy) skilltrees.

Upgrade Editor

On the upgrade page you can add new upgrades for every single skill.


On certain skills you will see checkboxes. These checkboxes have three states:

    • in this state the value will not change when the upgrade is applied

    • this can be usefull if you activated something before and don't want to change that

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