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How to get a MyPet

There are three simple steps on your way to get a MyPet.

Step 1 - Finding a leadable Mob

Find a mob that is leadable is the easiest step. All leadable mobtypes can be found here.

Step 2 - Meeting the Requirements

This can be the hardest part but how hard it really will depends on the configuration of the Server.
Every MyPet-Type has a setting called LeashFlags that sets the requirements needed for the MyPet-Type to become a pet.

Step 3 - Taking mob on a lead

When Step 1 & 2 are done you just have to hit you target with the LeashItem (String by default). After hiting your target it will convert from a normal mob into a MyPet and you will see a message like this: You took a pet on a lead, it will be a good MyPet.

Congratulation you now have a MyPet.

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